Illustration of two volunteers offering help to a doctor, holding hearts with a cross sign

Healthcare workers need our help to fight COVID-19

Volunteer your time or request support for meals, pet care, errands, and more during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Illustration of two medical care providers and a cleaning crew worker walking towards each other

Healthcare Workers

Make requests for meals, supplies, or anything else you need. Share a link with your friends and family.

Illustration of three volunteers ready to support local care providers, holding hearts with a cross sign


Offer your support to local doctors, nurses, and hospital workers. You choose who and how to help.

Help us make sure every healthcare worker gets the support they need to fight COVID-19

Share #HospitalHero with family, friends, and on social media to help spread the word.

Volunteers are ready to help
across the country

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...and growing

Why we need your help

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COVID-19 will overwhelm hospitals with critically-ill patients

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Healthcare workers will be working long hours in brutal conditions

A light teal icon of a hamburger and a drink, to help keep care providers well-fed

We can help them stay healthy and focused on saving lives

About Us

HospitalHero is being built by a team of volunteers through COVID Accelerator, a project of Impossible Labs.

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